Who is the typical Foundation Centre student?


I was a student at the Foundation Centre from 2011-12 (I’m now about to enter my 2nd year of a Criminology degree). Based on my own experience as a Foundation Centre student; I found myself studying beside a retired army medic, a mother of four and a nurse in her 20’s seeking a career change (to name just a few!). There was a blend of international and local students, and an even greater blend of accents and dialogues. The mixture of students creates an atmosphere that is interesting and unique to other learning environments.

So I wanted to find out what the typical Foundation Centre student was like, and here is the information I found.

Did you know?

  • Since 1997, the Foundation Centre has had 1751 students.
  • Students ages range from 18 years old to over 60.
  • Students have come from over 50 countries. From Azerbaijan to Zimbabwe, but also from across the UK, and especially in the local region.
  • The Foundation Centre sends students into every department at both Durham city and Stockton campuses, and our students are members of every college. Students, who opt to live out, still have access to all the facilities.

So it seems like there isn’t a typical foundation centre student at all!

Sarah. FC.


3 thoughts on “Who is the typical Foundation Centre student?

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    1. digitalscholar

      Hi Jin,

      Our foundation year is not a stand alone year, we offer a 4 year undergraduate programme (our year + 3 year UG). Sometimes, for a wide range of reasons, students may want to take a course at a different university after finishing our year (either passing, or even narrowly failing), and we can help them with this on a case by case basis, but we can’t promise anything as the decision to accept our year for entry to another university is out of our hands!


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