Foundation Students visit Oriental Museum and get to touch 5,000 year old artefacts

Recently students on the Discovering Anthropology module were given the opportunity to visit Durham University’s Oriental Museum to listen to a guest lecture about archaeology and Egyptology from Mandy Marlow.


Students going on to a range of social science degrees take the Discovering Anthropology module as part of their preparation for undergraduate study. This module is taught by Nick Pearce and covers a range of topics from biological, linguistic, cultural and archaeological anthropology.

Last week students got to explore some of the objects in the Oriental Museum’s collection after a guest lecture from Mandy Marlow, who has a lot of expertise in this area. Students got to handle Coptic jars (one still contained some gunk!), mace head and they even got to see a mummified baby from 2,000 years ago (they weren’t allowed to handle this though).


This is the first year that we have been able to use the Oriental Museum in this way, but it shows the variety of learning experiences that our students get on the Foundation Programme, as well as showing off the university’s museum’s collection. Entry to the museums is free for all students!


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