All you need to know about Induction Week

The new academic year at Durham University is starting soon and you may be excited or perhaps a bit nervous at becoming a student. In order to make sure that you make new friends and get used to the new surroundings before you dive into the pool of academia, university life starts with an induction week, more commonly known as – fresher’s week. This first week from October the 5th till the 11th is packed with event and parties of all kinds that allow you to meet new friends, release the stress, and feel like a real Durham student.

-“Fresher’s week – a week of friendships and fun!”- Grant, mature student

So what is fresher’s week and what can you find to do? Whether you are mature student or international, living in colleges or out, there is always something you can get involved in.

You can find general timetable in our new personal induction planner. Just follow the link, put in your college, Foundation Centre department and level of study: Undergraduate Single Honors. There you will find the dates and time of the main departmental, university and college events. It should look very exciting and that’s not even all of it.

-“I remember that I was warmly welcomed from day one. The Stevo fresher’s reps helped me enjoy the best possible start to university life. Loved college colours and met my best friends” Adam, UK student

You all have been allocated to a college, even if you live out. College is where you go for your social events, financial and personal help and generally to hang out with other awesome Durham students. There are 16 colleges, two in Queen Campus and the rest in Durham. If you haven’t yet you probably should find your college on Facebook. This way you can easily find and befriend the new people you meet and you will get all the necessary information from your college. During fresher’s week you will have college events, department events and University events. To find out what’s going on in your college just go on their Facebook page or find a link to your college JCR page.

-“I really enjoyed the Matriculation in the Cathedral. I met new friends.”- Michelle mature student


John Snow College at Matriculation, 2013

You will also be attending a matriculation ceremony as a member of your college. That is something no one should miss. It’s an opportunity to walk in a gown through the Durham cathedral and be officially declared a Durham University Student. It’s a big deal. Next time you come back to the cathedral will be on your graduation, which will be even bigger deal.

-“Free stuff from fresher’s fair” – Kelly , mature student


Fresher’s Fair at DSU, 2014

Information about the Durham Students’ Union events like the International Welcome party tonight in DSU, fresher’s ball or fresher’s fair are all available on the DSU web page. There you can also find lists of all the societies, associations, charities and sports that exist in Durham University. Societies are a great place to meet people who share your interest and passions. You can find societies for everything there: food, drinks, sports, arts, politics, religion, cartoons, books, and many others. There is a society for mature students as well. However, if you are a mature student don’t feel uncomfortable applying with the youngsters, whatever it is that you want to do you might even be better at it. If you want to find out more, meet people from these societies or sign up to any of them you should attend the fresher’s fair. You get a lot of useful information along with A LOT of free stuff, including sweets and pizza.

-“Foundation centre meetings on fresher’s week really made me feel more confident about the whole experience. Lecturers were so friendly and enthusiastic about meeting us that it made me feel welcomed there “ Santa, international student

And last but not least departmental events. This bit is easy we are all here to start our foundation year, our first step towards our achievement in one of the best Universities of the world. This step can be stressful and scary either because you are coming from a different country, changing the area of your studies or have been away from education for several years. No matter what your background is I want to let you know that the Foundation Centre team is there to help in every way possible and to make your route from matriculation to graduation as smooth as possible. I should know I did it and loved every minute of it. I even wanted to go back but unfortunately you can’t get a degree in Foundation.

Your Foundation department timetable was emailed to you but also check on the personal induction week planner.

-“Fresher’s was an amazing week. Matriculation was an emotional day, it was a symbol of the start of the rest of my life. I climbed to the top of Roseberry Topping, drank from the oar on Sports Night, and met a girl from Hong Kong who had never walked so far in her life as the walk back from Stockton to campus. I had a lovely afternoon at the tea party in the Waterside, joined in the Morris dancing with my children and I met some of my favourite people.” Damaris , mature student

Now you are all set to go off in to the new academic year, make new friend and learn to study hard and play hard.

Good luck and see you soon!


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