Foundation Students about being student Reps

The idea of becoming a student representative might make you nervous and even scared. But there is no need to worry, students no different then yourselves have already been in this position and they did great. Here are Foundation Centre student reps from previous years talking about their experiences.

Why did you apply to be a student rep?

L: Because I thought as a mature student I might be able to offer advice and guidance to fellow students. I was also interested in seeing how the university worked away from the teaching side of things. And of course it looks good on my CV!

What do you do as a student rep?

A: As a student rep you attend staff meetings and you get to speak out on questions that concern curriculum or events. Moreover, you are the person to contact if there are issues that arise during the course of the academic year, and when students don’t want to go directly to the lecturers. It is not as scary as it sounds, you just need to be friendly with your fellow students and professional with the staff.

What did you like about it?

L: I really enjoyed attending all the meetings and gaining insight. It was great having the opportunity to have a say, both in terms of my personal views as well as presenting the views of my fellow students.

What does being a student rep gave to you?

A: You get to learn about how the organizational side of university works. As well you get to go on course rep training and meetings with reps from all departments from and all levels of study. These meetings teach professional attitude that will help in working environment after graduation as well as being a student rep. Plus you get to meet a lot of new people which is always interesting and fun.

What would you advise to those applying?

L: If you are thinking about it, go for it. It’s not a huge time commitment and it was a very interesting and insightful thing to do. I would relish the opportunity of being a course rep again should the opportunity arise.

A: When writing about yourself just explain how your skills and knowledge make you the right person to represent your fellow students. Be honest and show your motivation.

Nominate yourself for student representative for Foundation Centre. To do that go to the DSU page.. Good luck!



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