Amelia McLoughlan : Student, President, JCR officer and basketball player

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am initially from Halifax, Yorkshire but I now live in Exeter, Devon. I am 29 years old. I like watching TV, reading, sport, sleeping and chocolate.

Why did you choose Durham?

I looked at Durham University as I had friends that had graduated from Durham and always said what a great experience they had studying there. I ultimately chose Durham as it had a fantastically broad Anthropology department, and unlike other universities, had options to study in the specific areas I wished to pursue.

How involved are you in college life?

I have been very involved it college life, from a Stephenson housing rep on Queens Campus to a Collingwood JCR officer on Durham campus. I would urge everyone to get involved in college life, even if they live out of college accommodation. The collegiate system at Durham means that your college is your community, with access to many resources as and when you need them – even if that just means the option of cheaper coffee.


Are you a member of any student societies?

I have been a member of many societies over my time at Durham. However, this year I am largely involved, as President, in the Students with Disabilities Association, which is university-wide. I also play two university level sports, Wheelchair Basketball (for which I am Vice-President) and Wheelchair Fencing.


What can you say about your time at the Foundation Centre?

It was amazing. The teaching staff is incredibly kind, genuine people that really do guide you through the year. University life can be a huge adjustment, but the Foundation Centre are there supporting you through all of it. Having been on an Access Course previously, I found that in comparison the foundation year was far superior in every way. Foundation, really is that – a solid basis for your degree, that covers exactly what you need.

What advice would you give to people considering taking Foundation Year?

Firstly apply. It can open so many opportunities, however be prepared to work. The foundation year is intensive, but it’s absolutely worth it.


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