Exam week tips from Previous Foundation Students

Tests and exams are stressful for most of us as we want to do our best. That is when we make silly mistakes like staying up all night trying to stuff the last possible information in to our overloaded brains.

Here are few things for you to remember during your exam period that will help you stay calm and succeed.

First of all, you need to know that your exam papers are written by your lecturers. The same people who tried so hard to explain something wrote those questions you will have to answer. This means that there will be nothing unusual on your exam paper and by now you are probably used to their style and know what they want to see. The lecturers aim is to help you succeed, not to make you fail. So think carefully when you revise about what was taught to you this term, and anything that the lecturers have highlighted and you will be fine. Most importantly stay calm!

Second of all, make sure you go to sleep at a reasonable hour the evening before your exam. It might seem like a good idea to stay up and study, but it will not do you any good in the end. You might remember some new facts, but your attention on the exam will suffer and you will make little mistakes because of that, which all counts.

On the morning of the exams, do not rush, take your time. Some students in the past preferred to have a long breakfast, or meditate or just take a slow walk.

Finally, check the time and the room number, make sure you take your student card, a bottle of water and enough working pens and pencils.

Good luck from all the Foundation Students of previous years.

If we made it, YOU can! IMG_3977.JPG


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