Foundation Centre visit to Turkey

Two staff members from the Foundation Centre recently visited a snowy Turkey to meet with students and agents.

The foundation Centre has been recruiting students from Turkey for a number of years, and provides an opportunity for those studying in the Turkish system (e.g. the Devlet Lise) to come to Durham and study a wide range of subjects.

Centre Director Catherine Marshall and social sciences teaching fellow Nick Pearce visited Istanbul and Ankara.

There they met agents from ATEC and SI-UK . All the agents Catherine and Nick met were great specialists who have been successfully sending student to educational establishments in UK. That is why Foundation Centre is delighted about how keen they were to learn so much about our beloved Foundation Centre and all the opportunities we offer our students.

Catherine and Nick also met with prospective students and their families who were interested to hear more about student’s prospects directly from our teaching staff.

Turkey16 046.JPG

Nick Pearce, Catherine Marshall and new friends from ATEC in the Ankara office

In between meetings, Catherine and Nick were lucky to sample the fantastic history and culture of Turkey, including the Aya Sofya and some fantastic cuisine (including fresh fish cooked on the boat it was caught in and honeyed aubergine!).

Our Foundation family will gladly hear again from everyone we met on this trip.

Turkey is a great country and we hope to see more Turkish students join us in future years!




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