Meet the staff : Steve Leech

We are continuing with our ‘Meet the staff’ blogs to give new students a chance to meet Foundation Centre staff and for our current students to learn something new about their teachers. Please meet Steve Leech :


How long have you been a part of Foundation Centre and what do you do here?

I was first part of the foundation centre in 1998, when I studied here. I then joined as a staff member about 10 years ago. I teach Social Science subjects, like Anthropology and Sociology, but mostly Academic Practice – the things you need to know and do to survive in Higher Education. I am also the head of our admissions team and it’s my job to make sure we get the right students on the courses we run.

What are your areas of interest in your subject?

My Anthropological research was about social sleep , how mums, dads, and babies sleep together. More recently my interests are in social mobility within education and widening participation amongst under-represented groups in HE

What are you scared of?

Anything that creeps or crawls – or has teeth. I don’t like wasps especially, and do the ‘wasp dance’ whenever one comes near me.

What are your guilty pleasures?

Beer (real beer), cheese, crusty bread.

What is your favorite place on campus?

I don’t know. I’d never really thought about it.

What kind of student were you?

Really irritating I’m sure. Some of my working practices were not really very good – I used to need a certain amount of pressure before I would start writing, which meant I always left things to the last minute. Obviously I’m not like that now 😉

What would you advise to your new students coming this year?

I have loads of good advice, none of which anyone listens to. Perhaps the biggest is “Own your education” – we’re here to guide you, but you need to engage. We are not here to learn for you.


If there are any other questions you want to ask our staff members, let us know in the comments.


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