Meet the staff : Julie Wilson

It’s this exciting time of the year again, when the Foundation team is getting ready to meet new students and guide them through the first year of their academic journey.

For the student this time can also be a bit stressful and confusing. To ease your way into the Foundation family we present a ‘Meet the staff’ blog series that allows you to get to know our staff before you even get here. This week we introduce to you Julie Wilson , who will be helping some of you develop your Academic Skills.


How long have you been a part of Foundation Centre and what do you do here?

I’ve been part of the team for six years now.  I currently teach Academic Practice, and I work closely with our Business students on their Research Project.  I also run some drop-in writing development sessions to support our Queen’s Campus students.  In previous years I have also taught English Literature.

What are your areas of interest in your subject?

Having studied linguistics, I have a real love of language and how we use it.  I am particularly interested in the general development of EAP (English for Academic Purposes); I can get quite excited about new trends and research within this field, as this can really help to support our students in their academic careers.

What are you scared of?

Students finding my module dull and boring… and I work hard to push the positive aspects of developing their academic skills so that they can see the light!

What are your guilty pleasures?

Overusing Sky+ – I just love the way I can manage my viewing and not be limited by TV schedules – but I always seem to have less than 10% availability left, so I’m clearly not very good at the actual watching of programmes!

What is your favorite place on campus?

Outside the café at Queen’s Campus, sitting on the terrace in the sunshine with a coffee and watching the world go by…

What kind of student were you?

Extremely conscientious.  I used to revise my essays again and again until the very last moment in my desire to do my absolute best and not submit until it was ‘perfect’… until my lecturer asked me if the few marks I might gain were worth all the extra hours of redrafting.  A memorable lesson in prioritizing and managing my word load.

What advice would you give to your new students coming this year?

Embrace this whole new experience with enthusiasm and an open mind.  You do need to work hard, but be aware of all the support and advice and help that is available – and make sure you allow time for fun too!


If there are any other questions you want to ask our staff members, let us know in the comments.


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